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We have found 15 book/s in category Miscellaneous - C17th

Author Title Price Purchase
(CONGREVE, William). AMENDMENTS OF THE COLLIER'S FALSE AND IMPERFECT CITATIONS ETC. From the Old Batchelour, Double Dealer, Love for Love, Mourning Bride. By the Author of those Plays. £ 250.00

London. J. Tonson. 1698. pp. (iv), 109. 8vo. Full calf, front hinge cracked but firm. Cancellation leaf pp. 43/44 with the correction to supposition from superstition as noted in the Advertisment on the verso of the half title. 1st edition variant. Lowe, Arnott & Robinson 298. ESTC R18926.

Reference: 74681

ANON. A JUST NARRATIVE OF THE HELLISH NEW COUNTER-PLOTS OF THE PAPISTS, To cast the Odium of their Horrid Treasons upon the Presbyterians: £ 175.00

And under that Notion, To involve many Hundreds of the most considerable Protestant Nobility and Gentry in a General Ruine. With an Account of their particular Intreigues Carried on to insnare Mr Blood, and several other considerable Persons, with the happy Discoveries thereof. London. Dorman Newman. 1679. pp. (iv), 16. Imperial 8vo. Modern half calf, marbled boards with leather label on front board, new endpapers.

Reference: 25587

ANON. AN EXACT COLLECTION of all Remonstrances, Declarations, Votes, Orders, Ordinances, Proclamations, Petitions, Messages, Answers, and other Remarkable Passages betweene the Kings most Excellent Majesty, and his High Court of Parliament begining at his Majesties return from Scotland, being in December 1641, and continued untill March the 21, 1643. Which Were formerly published either by the Kings Majesties Command or by order from one or both Houses of Parliament. With a Table wherein is most exactly digested all the fore-mentioned things according to their severall Dates and Dependancies. £ 950.00

London. Edward Husbands, T. Warren, & R. Best. 1643. pp. (vi), 3 - 8, (vi - viii), 1 - 2, 9 - 955, (xx) of index. Frontis. 4to. Full calf, sympathetic new spine and endpapers retaining the bookplate of Rugby School. Some browning at the bottom of the volume maybe arising from some past water damage. Ppppp3 edge frayed afecting the text minimally. Wing E 1533. ESTC R2795. Contains, amongst much else, the following Hull related items:- A Petition of the Lords and Commons to His Majesty to give leave to remove the Magazine from Hull, to the Tower of London, and concerning the 6 Priests; The Petition of the Gentry of Yorkshire, unto His Majesty, That the Magzine may not be removed from Hull; His Majesties Message to both houses, concerning Sir John Hothams refusall to give His Majesty entrance into Hull; His Majesties Letter to the Mayor of Hull; His Majesties two Messages to both houses, concerning Sir John Hotham; An Order of the Lords and Commons against the stopping of passages, and Messingers, between Hull and the Parliament; A Declaration of the Lords and Commons, concerning Hull; Votes of the Lords and Commons, concerning Hull, and Sir John Hotham; An Order of assistance to the Committees, concerning their going to Hull; His Majesties answer to the Declaration, Votes, and Order of assistance of both houses, concerning Hull; & His Majesties Message and Proclamation, declaring His purpose of going in his Royall person into Hull.

Reference: 865674

BROWN, Edward. AN ACCOUNT OF SEVERAL TRAVELS THROUGH A GREAT PART OF GERMANY: in Four Journeys. I. From Norwich to Colen. II. From Colen to Vienna, with a particular Descxription of the Imperial City. III. From Vienna to Hamburg. IV. From Colen to London. Wherein the Mines, Baths, and other Curiosities of those Parts are Treated of. Illustrated with Sculptures. £ 1,150.00

London. Benj. Tooke. 1677. pp. (iv), 179, (i). 6 plates. 4to. Full calf, later spine sympathetically done. With the bookplates of Sidney Mendelssohn and Peter Young. Mendelssohn's best know work is his South African Bibliography based on his own collection. ESTC R19778

Reference: 11472

CHIFFLET, Philippe & Quetif, Jacques. SACROSANCTI ET OECUMENICI CONCILII TRIDENTINI sub Paulo III. Julio III. et Pio IV. PP. MM. celebrati. Canones et Decreta. cum indice librorum prohibitorum ex praescripto Concilii. £ 75.00

Parisiis (Paris). N. Pepingue. 1666. pp. (xxvi), 459, (c). Engraved title, 1 plate. 12mo. Full calf, skilfully respined making the binding a little tight.

Reference: 19218

COLLIER, Jeremy MA. A DEFENCE OF THE SHORT VIEW OF THE PROFANENESS AND IMMORALITY OF THE ENGLISH STAGE, etc. Being a Reply to Mr Congreve's Amendments, etc. And to the Vindication of the Author of the Relapse. £ 140.00

London. S. Keble, R. Sare, H. Hindmarsh. 1699. pp. (iv), 139, (i). 8vo. Full calf. Front hinge rubbed, but firm, minor foxing. 1st edition. Lowe, Arnott & Robinson 291. ESTC R20799.

Reference: 21378

DANGERFIELD, Thomas. MR. THO. DANGERFEILDS PARTICULAR NARRATIVE OF THE LATE POPISH DESIGN To Charge those of the Presbyterian Party with a pretended Conspiracy against His Majesties Person, and Government. Written by Himself. £ 100.00

London. Henry Hills, John Starkey, Thomas Basset, John Wright, Richard Chiswell, and Samuel Heyricl. 1679. pp. (viii), 75. Imperial 8vo. Modern quarter calf, marbled baoirds with leather label on front board, new endpapers.

Reference: 122130

DANGERFIELD, Thomas. THE INFORMATION OF THOMAS DANGERFIELD, GENT. Delivered at the Bar of the House of Commons, Tuesday the Twentieth day of October, in the Year of our Lord 1680. £ 200.00

Perused and Signed to be Printed, According to the Order of the House of Commons, by Me William Williams, Speaker. London. John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills. 1680. pp. 15. Imperial 8vo. Modern half calf, cloth boards, new endpapers. Text a little grubby.

Reference: 94370

EVERARD, Edmund. THE DEPOSITIONS AND EXAMINATIONS OF MR EDMUND EVERARD (Who was Four years close Prisoner in the Tower of London) Concerning the Horrid Popish Plot against the Life of His Sacred Majesty, the Government, and the Protestant Religion. £ 100.00

With the Names of several persons in England, Ireland, France, and elsewhere, concerned in the Conspiracy. Part whereof was five years since made known to persons herein specified; and again tendered to the Honourable Committee of Lords sitting in Parliament at Westminster, upon Oath; and now tendered to the Honourable House of Commons. London. Dorman Newman. 1679. pp. (iv), 16. Imperial 8vo. Half modern calf, cloth boards, new endpapers. ESTC R4864

Reference: 69410

JENISON, Robert. THE NARATIVE OF ROBERT JENISON, of Grays Inn, Esquire. £ 200.00

Containing I. A further Discovery and Confirmation of the Late Horrid and Treasonable Popish Plot, against His Majestie's Person, Government, and Protestant Religion. II. The Names of the Four Ruffians,, designed to have Murthered the King. III. The Reasons why this Discovery hath been so long deferred, by the said Robert Jenison. IV. An Order of is Majesty in Council touching the same. Together with other Mar=terial Passages, Letters, and Observations thereupon. Together with A Preface Introductory to the said Narrative. London. F. Smith, T. Basset, J. Wright, R. Chiswel and S. Heyrick. 1679. pp. 51. Imperial 8vo. Modern half calf, cloth boards, new endpapers. Edge of text block browned, first leaf frayed at edges. ESTC R11080

Reference: 10311

JUGEL, Caspar. MAULWURFFS: FANG (Mole Traps). £ 170.00

(Leipzig. Franckfurt am Mayn). 1677. pp. 30. 3 plates. Small 4to. Disbound with no stitching. This forms the second part of Abraham von Thumshirn & Jugel's 'Oeconomia oder nothwendiger Unterricht und Anleitung' (Oeconomia, or necessary instruction and guidance). It is complete in itself and has its own pagination.

Reference: 13224

MANSELL, Col. Roderick. AN EXACT AND TRUE NARRATIVE OF THE LATE POPISH INTRIGUE, TO FORM A PLOT, And the To cast the Guilt and Odium thereof upon the Protestants. £ 150.00

Wherein are contained, I. The Contrivance it self, with the Principal Agents and Instruments, viz. The Lords in the Tower, Mr Dangerfield, etc. II. The manner of carrying on the said Contrivance, III. The Continuance of the Popish Plot to Assassinate the King. IV. The Book found in the House of Mrs Cellier, in a Meal-Tub, by Sir William Waller. V. The several Attempts to Murther the Right Honourable, Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury. VI. The manner of Conveying a List of Names and other Treasonable Papers, into the Chamber of Col. Roderick Mansell. VII. the full Examination of the whole Affair before the Lords of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Council. With the Examplification of divers Informations, Examinations, Depositions, etc. relating to the said Intrigue. London. Tho. Cockerill and Benj. Alsop. 1680. pp. (x), 50, 53 - 68, 99 - 105. The text is continuous despite the pagination. Imperial 8vo. Modern half calf, cloth boards. Without the licence leaf. pp55 - 58 glued together at top corner.

Reference: 19941

NORTH, Sir Francis. THE EXAMINATION OF CAPTAIN WILLIAM BEDLOW DECEASED. RELATING TO THE POPISH PLOT, Taken in his last Sickness by Sir Francis North, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Please. £ 85.00

Together with the Narative of Sir Francis North, at the Council Board: And the Letter of sir Francis North, to mr Secretary Jenkins, Relating to the Examination. Perused and Signed to be Printed, According to the Order of the House of Commons, By Me William Williams, Speaker. London. John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, & Henry Hills. 1680. pp. 16. Imperial 8vo. Modern grey cloth, new endpapers. ESTC R519.

Reference: 52576

PARR, Richard. THE LIFE OF THE MOST REVEREND FATHER IN GOD, JAMES USHER, Late Lord Arch-Bishop of Armagh, Primate and metropolitan of all Ireland. £ 225.00

With a Collection of Three Hundred Letters between the said Lord Primate and most of the Eminentest Persons for Piety and Learning in his time, both in England and beyond the Seas. Collected and published from Original Copies under their own hands, By Richard Parr, DD. his Lordships Chaplian, at the time of his Death, with whom the care of all his Papers were intrusted by his Lordship. LOndon. Nathanael Ranew. 1686. pp. (viii), 103, (v), 33, (xvi) (Contents of the Letters), 624, 28. Frontis. Small folio. Full speckled calf, very dry, corners rubbed, hinges cracking but holding, 2 holes on front board where clasp fixing removed. Head of titlepage trimmed, not affecting text. Wing P548

Reference: 7342

PRANCE, Miles. A TRUE NARRATIVE AND DISCOVERY OF SEVERAL VERY REMARKABLE PASSAGES RELATING TO THE HORRID POPISH PLOT: As they fell within the Knowledge of Mr Miles Prance of Covent Garden, Goldsmith. £ 200.00

Viz. I. His Depositions concerning the Plot in General, and a Particular Design against the Life of His Sacred Majesty. II. The whole Proceedings touching the Murther of Sir Edmund Bury Godfrey, and the particular Circumstances thereof. III. A Conspiracy to Murther the Right Honourable the Earl of Shaftesbury. IV. The Traiterous Intrigues and Immoralities of divers Popish Priests. Published by Authority. London. Dorman Newman. 1679. pp. (viii)), 40. Frontis. Imperial 8vo. Modern grey cloth, new endpapers. ESTC R8942 Line 21 of the title ends 'divers'.

Reference: 74321

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