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Author Title Price Purchase
(HELPS, Arthur). THE CONQUERORS OF THE NEW WORLD AND THEIR BONDSMEN being a Narrative of the Principle Events which led to Negro Slavery in the West Indies and America. £ 250.00

London. William Pickering. 1848 - 1852. 2 vols. pp. xi, 264, errata slip; (v), 300, (iv) of adverts. 8vo. Original cloth, spine labels slightly rubbed. Volume 1 has had the spine relaid and new endpapers. Volume 2 has a Signet Library label inside the front board.

Reference: 20843

ANON. A GENERAL ACT, SIGNED AT BRUSSELS JULY 2, 1890, BY THE PLENIPOTENTIARIES OF THEUNITED STATES, AND OTHER POWERS, FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE, and A Convention of Commerce and Naviagtion between the United States and the Independant State of Congo, signed at Brussels January 24, 1891, as amended, with the proceedings of the Senate theron. £ 50.00

(Washington). 1891. pp. 57. 8vo. Stapled as issued.

Reference: 33906

ANON. A STATEMENT OF THE CLAIMS OF THE WEST INDIA COLONIES to a protecting Duty against East India Sugar. £ 80.00

London. Whitmore & Fenn. 1823. pp. (iv), 120. 8vo Disbound. Ragatz p272. Holds that the West India colonists were possessed of vested rights like other British subjects, that they were entitled to the same restrictive duties on foreign produce that British agriculturists and manufacturers at home enjoyed, that the advantages accruing to the mother country from her relations with the West Indies were greater than those arising from her having trading posts in the East, and that it would be inexpedient to hazard the prosperity of the former in the speculative hope of uncertain and distant advantages which might be obtained from the latter. The belief that an equalization of East and West India sugar duies would lower the cost to consumers in Great Britain and would at the same time increase the export of British manufactures to India was neither justified by the experience of the past nor reasonable expectations of the future.

Reference: 23363

ANON. EMANCIPATION OF THE NEGRO SLAVES IN THE WEST INDIA COLONIES CONSIDERED, with reference to its impolicy and injustice: in answer to Mr Wilberforce's Appeal. No. 1. £ 300.00

By the Author of 'A Statement of the Claims of the West Indai Colonies to a protecting duty against East Indai Sugar'. London. Whitmore and Fenn. 1824. pp. (iv), 44. 8vo. Disbound. All published. Fly title entitled The Impolicy and Injustice of Emancipating the Negro Slaves in the West India Colonies. All published. Ragatz p426 & 432. Argues that 'Wilberforce and his followers in Parliament were not the type of men fitted to discuss the delicate and intricate subject of emancipation. They were unenlightened and passionate philanthropists and had, for the most part, withdrawn from the Established Church'. & ' The freeing of the blacks by Parliament would constitute unjust exercise of power on its part over inferior by legally constituted authorities. Every Englishman's property was undeniably secured to him by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights. The King, who had sworn to observe them, could not allow the West Indians to be divested of their immunities and estates. Emancipation would result in the establishment of anegro empire.'

Reference: i

ANON. OBSERVATIONS ON THE DEMERARA MEMORIAL, in A Letter from a Gentleman in the Country, to his Friend in London. £ 60.00

London. Joseph Butterworth & Sons. 1828. pp. xi, 34. 8vo. Disbound. No half title. Ragatz p 443. The merchants and planters of Berbice and Demerara had vigorously objected to compulsory manumission being applied to those colonies. The author here attacks them for their stand in the matter and denounces slavery in general.

Reference: 12170

ANON. THOUGHTS ON THE JUSTICE, PRACTICABILITY, AND EXPEDIENCY, of Levying the Duties on Sugar by a rate according to value. £ 125.00

Liverpool. For the West India Association. 1807. pp. 18. 8vo. Disbound. Ragatz p274. Specific duties bore lightly upon producers in times of high prices but proved ruinous when the market value of their product fell as low as it then stood.

Reference: 6950

ANON. TREATY BETWEEN HER MAJESTY AND THE ARGENTINE CONFEDERATION, for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Signed at Buenos Ayres, May 24, 1839. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty 1841. £ 30.00

London. T.R. Harrison. 1841. pp. 25. Small folio. Disbound.

Reference: 14264

ANON. WEST INDIA AGRICULTURAL DISTRESS, and a Remark, on Mr Wilberforce’s Appeal. By a Member of the House of Commons. £ 80.00

London. Edmund Lloyd. 1823. pp. 56. 8vo. Disbound. Ragatz p275. Opposes the admission of eastern-grown sugar as unjust to the West India planters. It is not true that the oriental article was the product of free labor. Importations from India constituted a form of speculation while those from tropical America were sound business ventures.

Reference: 20940

BERNAL, Ralph. SUBSTANCE OF THE SPEECH OF RALPH BERNAL, ESQ. in the debate in the House of Commons, on the 19th May 1826, upon Mr Brougham’s Motion “For taking into consideration early in the next session of Parliament such measures as may appear to be necessary for giving effect to the resolution of the House of Commons of the 25th May, 1823, touching the condition of Slaves.” £ 50.00

London. J. Moyes. 1826. pp. 16. 8vo. Disbound. Ragatz p480. Opposed taking action at that time. Changes must be made slowly, with due regard for the negro’s metal capacity and his primitive state of social development.

Reference: 8701

BISSELL, William H. THE SLAVE QUESTION. Speech of Mr William H. Bissell, of Illinois in the House of Representtives, Thursday February 21, 1850. £ 12.00

Washington. Buell & Blanchard. (1850). pp. 8. Uncut (Single sheet folded). 8vo.

Reference: 12047

BOLT, Christine. THE ANTI-SLAVERY MOVEMENT AND RECONSTRUCTION. A Study in Anglo-American Co-operation 1833 - 77. £ 5.00

Oxford University Press. 1969. pp. (ix), 197. 8vo. D/W, frayed. Apart from the dust wrapper a very good, clean copy.

Reference: 154574


London. Frank Cass & Co. Ltd. 1968. 2 vols. pp (xi ), 572; (viii), 587. 2 plates, both folded. 8vo. D/W. Cass Library of African Studies, Slavery Series No. 8. General Editor C. Duncan Rice. SBN 714618896. Facsimile reprint of the 1808 edition. A very good, bright, clean copy. Ragatz p489. Contains a very complete account of the abolition movement to the middle of 1794 and a sketch of its final, victorious phase. Of source value, especially up to the date indicated, as the author was himself one of the staunchest advocates of the reform and was intimately associated with Ramsay, Wilberforce, and others for a decade beginning in 1785 until his failing health obliged him to discontinue his active work.

Reference: 6776R

CROPPER, James. A VINDICATION OF A LOAN OF 315,000,000 TO THE WEST INDIA PLANTERS, shewing that it may not only be lent with perfect safety, but with immense advantage both to the West Indians and to the people of England. £ 75.00

London. W. Johnston. 1833. pp. 16. 8vo. Modern green cloth. Ragatz p. 495. Cropper 'was a wealthy philanthropist, founder and head of the great East India trading house of Cropper, Benson & Co .of Liverpool. He devoted much energy to the cause of emancipation, cooperating with Wilberforce and Clarkson.'

Reference: 143870


Collected from the account delivered by himself by J.S. Quesne. London. Sir Richard Phillips & Co. 1819. pp. vi, 42. Frontis. 8vo. Disbound. Narrative of Pierre Joseph Dumont, a Native of Paris, who was Thirty-four Years a Slave in Africa

Reference: 8716

HOAR, Samuel. REMARKS BY SAMUEL HOAR, OF MASSACHUSETTS, on the Resolutions introduced by Mr Jarvis, of Maine, and Mr Wise, of Virginia, delivered in the House of Representatives, Thursday, January 21, 1836. £ 45.00

Washington. National Intelligence Office. 1836. pp. 13. 8vo. Disbound. Some slight foxing. Mr Jarvis resolved that 'in the opinion of this House, the subject of the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, ought not to be entertained by Congress. And be it further resolved, That, in any case any petition praying the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia be hereafter presented, it is the deliberate opinion of the House that the same ought to be laid on the table, without being referred or printed.' Mr Wise's amendment was 'That there is no pwer of legislation granted by the constitution to the Congress of the United States to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia; and that any attempt by Congress to legislate upon the subject of slavery will be not only unauthorized, but dangerous to the union of the States.' Hoar upheld the power of Congress to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia.

Reference: 23453

HUSKISSON, Rt. Hon. W. NAVIGATION LAWS. Speech of the Right Hon. W. Huskisson in the House of Commons, Friday, the 12th of May 1826, on the Present State of the Shipping Interest. With an Appendix containing the several accounts referred to. £ 25.00

London. J. Hatchard & Son. 1826. pp. 70. 8vo. Disbound. Ragatz p 299. Urges freeing the colonial trade of all restrictions whatsoever.

Reference: 6528

LEVY, Moses E. A PLAN FOR THE ABOLITION OF SLAVERY consistently with the interests of all parties concerned. £ 10.00

Edited with an Introduction by Chris Monaco. Micanopy, FL. Wacahoota Press. 1999. pp. xxix, 32. Frontis, 1 plate. 8vo. D/W. Originally published in 1828.

Reference: 7082


London. Putnam & Co. Ltd. 1941. pp. xii, 332. Frontis, 7 plates. 8vo. Black cloth. Pasted on to front free endpaper:- 2 C20th MS copies of C18th receipts for slaves and a newspaper article about 'auction by candle'.

Reference: 10360

PERRY, Commodore M.C. & Others. COLONIAL SETTLEMENTS - WESTERN COAST OF AFRICA. Letter from the Secretary of the Navy transmitting Correspondence from Commodore M.C. Perry, relative to colonial settlements on the western coast of Africa. £ 10.00

Washington. House of Representatives. Navy Department. 1844. pp. 42. 8vo. Disbound. 28th Congress, 1st Session. Doc. No. 244. Commodore Perry is patrolling the Western Coast of Africa to protect American citizens living and working there. He states that he is 'glad to hear, from good authority, that none of the kings or chiefs present were engaged in the slave-trade.' Although he is covering the area where slaves were gathered for sale to Americans and Europeans this is not a slave related document.

Reference: 7910

QUINCY, Josiah. ADDRESS ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE NATURE AND POWER OF THE SLAVE STATES, and the Duties of the Free States; delivered at the request of the Inhabitants of the town of Quincy, Mass., on Thursday, June 5, 1856. Altered and enlarged since delivery. £ 30.00

Boston. Ticknor & Fields. 1856. pp. 32. 8vo. Disbound. Stitched. 'If this Union is destined to break topieces, it cannot fall in a more glorious atruf=ggle than in the endeavor to limit the farther extenson of slavery, - that disgrace of our nationm and curse of outr race.'

Reference: 129111

TREW, The Rev. J.M. AN APPEAL TO THE CHRISTIAN PHILANTHROPY OF THE PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, in behalf of the religious Instruction and Conversion of Three Hundred Thousand Negro Slaves. £ 65.00

London. J.M. Richardson. 1826. pp. 48. 8vo. Disbound. Ragatz p 563. The author was rector of St. Thomas in the East, Jamaica. There were 63 ministers of all denominations in Jamaica, each with an average of 5,500 persons to care for. The means at their disposal were wholly inadequate to meet the needs of the situation. Appeals for subscriptions to aid the work of the Society for the Conversion and Religious Instruction and Education of the Negro Slaves.

Reference: 15696


Cleveland. The Press of Case Western Reserve University. 1969. pp. xxiv, 376. Frontis. 8vo. D/W, spine faded, slightly torn. SBN 829501460. Apart from the dust wrapper a very good, clean copy.

Reference: 66780

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