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On a post card addressed to F. Pollock, Esq, initialled by Meredith and dated October 25th 1882. With an envelope stating what it is; a proof of an article on Meredith by Sir John Pollock, son of Frederick Pollock, later Sir Frederick and a copy of Sir John's book Time's Chariot, London. John Murray 1950. The poem was first published in this book - ' I have a postcard from Meredith to F.P. dated October 25, 1882, with the following verses never before, I believe, published. They are written in G.M.'s lovely hand with his "d's" all formed like the Greek delta. The text of the poem is:- Vowed, by Time upon his dial! Or, by magic draught & phial! Or, if you will, by lute & viol, Is it! - or by your boar with shaft in Flanks! - I will return your Lyall, When you shall next thread this valley, Mounting, & have stormed the chalet Which full many a Tramp has laughed in. Pollock's explanation to references in the poem are ' Plainly F.P had lent the poet a book by his friend Sir Alfred Lyall. The "boar with shaft in flanks" is the Pollock crest. 'Tramp" of course means one of the Sunday Tramps, of which fellowship Meredith was an enthusiastic member.' Meredith was a keen walker and 'the chalet' was an extension used as his study at his house, Flint Cottage at Box Hill. The postcard is in two pieces but secured by archival tape.

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