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London. W. Dugdale. 1825 - 1826. 4 vols. 19 works. Vol I - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. 4 cantos. Engraved title, pp. 162; The Giaour. pp 51; The Bride of Abydos. pp. 48; The Prisoner of Chillon. Fly title only. pp. 18. Coleridge lists it with The Bride of Abydos printed for Thomas Wilson. Vol II - The Corsair. pp 72; Lara. Fly title only pp. 135 - 174; The Siege of Corinth. pp. 34; Parisina. pp. 20; Beppo. pp.28; The Island. Fly title only pp. 193 - 244; Vol 3. Miscellaneous Poems. pp. 72; Hebrew Melodies. pp. 22; English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. pp (iv), 50; Manfred. Fly title only. pp 175 - 216. Coleridge lists it as printed for Thomas Wilson and the British Library has 2 editions, 1824 & 1826; Cain. pp. 63; Heaven and Earth. pp 36. Vol IV. Marino Faliero. pp. 124, with continuous pagination to Sardanapalus. pp. 125 - 224; The Deformed Transformed. Fly title only. pp 52. 12 mo. Half calf, marbled boards, slightly rubbed. An attractive little set. Coleridge Childe Harold p 186; The Giaour p 237; The Prisoner of Chillon p 285; The Corsair p 203; Lara p 297; Hebrew Melodies p 244; English Bards & Scotch Reviewers p 232; Manfred p 267; & Heaven & Earth p. 241. The British Library would appear not to have The Prisoner of Chillon; Parisina; The Island; Miscellaneous Poems; Cain; Heaven and Earth: & The Deformed Transformed. The Elkin Mathews 1930 Catalogue of Byron & Byroniana only has Sardanapalus and Kohler's 1980 Byron Catalogue has none of them. It would appear that Parisina, The Island, Miscellaneous Poems, Cain, & The Deformed Transformed are quiet rare, while the remaining pirate editions are scarce. This is not a complete set of Dugdale Byron printings, William St Clair in The Reading Nation in the Romantic Period shows one of Dugdales Advertisments for 1824 and that lists The Giaour, Hebrew Melodies, Don Juan, the 14 cantos, The Two Visions of Judgement, The Bride of Abydos, Parisina, Siege of Corinth, & Corsair.

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