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LEVISON, J.L. MENTAL CULTURE; or the means of Developing the Human Faculties. £ 50.00

London for the Author. 1833. pp. (ii), ix, 300. 12mo. Original cloth somewhat faded and slightly frayed. Printed in Louth by J & J Jackson. The Preface states ' In this volume, which is submitted to the unprejudiced, we have edeavoured to show how practical and easy Moral Culture becomes, when the real nature of man is understood. It is the peculiar duty of those who frame the laws of a country, and of those who administer them for the preservation of society, to adopt such a system of mental philosophy as will enable them to ascertain what number of the primitive faculties are connate, and also to distinguish between their uses and their abused states. This knowledge, indeed, would give incalculable advantages to all who influence society, and particularly to the Parent and Teacher: it would enable them to discriminate those excesses of the feelings which result from mis-directed or neglected education, and demonstrate the circumstances most favourable to give a moral and intellectual bias to the character of the rising generation. The fundamental truths of this science of mind are briefly stated in the first part of this work, and their pracrtical application in the second; and the author hopes that a candid perusal of both parts will prove their value in developing and training the mental faculties'.

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