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All books are in very good condition unless otherwise stated.
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We have found 4 book/s in category General Literature - C17th

Author Title Price Purchase

Geuerhartus Elemenhorstivs ex Mstis & vett. Codd. recensuit, Lirumque Emendationum & Indices absolutissimos adiecit. Francofurti. (Frankfurt) In Officina Wecheliana, apud Danielem & Davidem Aubrios, & Clementem Schleichium. 1621. 3 parts bound together. pp. 32, 367, (i), (xvi); 394, colophon, (iii); 112, Index H1 - Q7 (cxlii), blank leaf. 8vo. Full vellum, spine darkened and with damage at base. Pages browned throughout. Contains The Metamorphoses more commonly know as the Golden Ass.

Reference: 32212

CICERONIS, M. Tullii. (Marcus Tullius Cicero). OPERA OMNIA: Cum Grvteri et Selectis variorum notis & indicibus iocupletissimis, Accurante C. Schrevelio. £ 200.00

Amstelodami. Apud Ludovicum et Danielem Elzevirios; Lugd. Batavorum. Apud Franciscum Hackium. 1661. pp. (vi), 51, (iii), 4 blank leaves, (ii), 188, 4 blank leaves, 189 - 636, 4 blank leaves, 637 - 968, 4 blank leaves, 696 - 1339, (liii) of index. Engraved title. 4to. Quarter calf, vellum boards. Spine mainly worn away but hinges holding firm. Some ink marginalia between pp. 189 - 636.

Reference: 10307

MARVELL, Andrew. A SHORT HISTORICAL ESSAY touching General Councils, Creeds, and Impositions in Matters of Religion. Very Seasonable for Allaying the Heats of the Church. £ 150.00

London. 1680. pp. 38. 4to. Later full calf with spine label. The title page is browned and repaired, very slightly affecting the text. 1st seperate edition.

Reference: 12082

TAYLOR, John. ALL THE WORKES OF JOHN TAYLOR THE WATER-POET. Beeing Sixty and three in Number. Collected into one Volume by the Author: With sundry new Additions, corrected, revised, and newly Imprinted, 1630. £ 850.00

London. By J.B (John Beale,(Elizabeth Allde, Bernard Alsop, Thomas Fawcet)) for James Boler at the signe of the Marigold in Pauls Churchyard. 1630. pp. (xii), 148, (ii), 200, 225 - 343, (i), 146. Engraved title in facsimile, possibly from the 1869 edition. Small folio in 6ís. Full morocco with gilt decoration by F. Bedford, spine skillfully relaid, slightly tight. All edges gilt. 1st collected edition. A hansome copy. ESTC S117734. DNB. This goodly but disordered folio, which had to be set up at the press of four different printers, and has long been a bibliographical rarity.

Reference: 6751

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