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Including ATrue Relation of the Storming Bristoll. Edward Husband. 1645; A true Relation of a great Victory obtained (Through Gods providence) by The Parliaments Forces in Cheshire. Edward Husband. 1645; Sir Thomas Fairfaxes Letter or Summons sent to Sir John Berkley For the surrender of the City of Exeter. Matthew Walbancke. 1646; The Treatie for the Surrendring of Exeter to Sir Thomas Fairfax. Matthew Walbancke. 1646; Papers Concerning the Treaty of the Commissioners at Marston, met to Treat for the Surrender of Oxford. E.P. 1646; Articles Concluded & Agreed on for the Surrender of Oxford & Farringdon. Edward Husband. 1646; Fairfax, Sir Thomas. Articles concerning the Surrender of Wallingford. Henry Hall. 1646; An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament, for a Committee of Militia Within the Hamblets of the Tower of London. John Wright. 1647; The heads of the present Greevances of the County of Glamorgan. 1647; The manner of the Beheading of Duke Hambleton, the Earle of Holland, and the Lord Capell, in the Pallace yard at Westminster, on Friday the 9th of March 1648. Robert Ibbitson. (1648); The Declaration of Lieutenant Generall Crumwell Concerning The Kingdom of Scotland. R. Williamson. 1648; Old English Blood Boyling afresh in Leicestershire Men. Giles Calvert. 1648; A Declaration of His Excellency the Lord Generall Fairfax. Concerning the Supply of Bedding Required from the City of London For the lodging of the Army. John Partridge. 1648; The Declaration of the Officers of The Garrison of Hull. John Playford. 1649; A Letter from The lord Lieutenant of Ireland......Wexford. Edward Husband. 1649. A Remonstrance, Engagement, and Declaration of the Officers and Souldiers. Will Rypor. 1660 (title page torn); Winstanley, Gerard. An Humble Request to the Ministers of both Universities, and to all Lawyers in every Inns-a-Court. J.C. 1650; A Declaration of the Irish Armie in Ulster. William Dugard. 1650; A Letter From the Lord General Cromwell, Touching the Great Victory obtained neer Worcester.John Field. 1651; The Government of the Common-Wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereto belonging; as it was publickly decalred at Westminster, the 16 day of December 1653. London, and re-printed at Leith. 1654; The Tryall and Condemnation of Col. Adrian Scrope. Mr John Carew. Mr Thomas Scott. Mr Gregory Clement. Col. John Jones. Who sate as Judges upon our late Soveraigne Lord King Charles. John Stafford & Edward Thomas. 1660. London. Various. 1643 - 1660 pp. (vi) of manuscript title and index. (ii), 37; 24; 8; 10; 7; (ii), 6; 16; (ii), 5; 8; (ii), 6; (ii), 16 (last leaf misnumbered 12, 13); (ii), 6; (ii), 6; (viii); (ii), 21; (ii), 6; 43 (some misbound); 15; (ii), 6; (ii), 5; 8; 7; (ii), 22; (ii), 54; 16; 12; (viii); (iv), 16; (ii), 13, (i), 17 - 24; 7; 20; (iv), 42; (ii), 12; 8. 4to. Full C19th calf. Articles Concluded & Agreed on for the Surrender of Oxford & Farringdon top corner torn away through several pages slightly affecting some text; The Several Speeches of Duke Hamilton Earl of Cambridg, Henry Earl of Holland, and Arthur Capel, upon the Scaffold Immediately before their Execution pages misbound but complete; A Remonstrance, Engagement, and Declaration of the Officers and Souldiers title torn away at bottom so lacking date and publisher. Some browning throughout. From the library of Lord Harlech inscribed on front free endpaper 'Harlech Brogyntyn' ESTC Nos. R19356, R200264, R200371, R200725, R200738, R200874, R16989, R214878, R5561, R176128, R20179, R201640, R203364, R201551, R204670, R41488, R202512, R205124, R205140, R40522, R205159, R204444, R206042, R204431, R206358, R200592, R205824, R233004, R17302, R206704, R235326, R202851, R203179, R17315

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