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JOHNSON, Amy. TYPED LETTER SIGNED 'Mickey'. £ 315.96

11th June 1931. 3 page letter 6.5" x10" headed 15, Vernon Court, Finchley Road, NW 2 with a small aircraft in green in the top left hand corner. The letter is addressed to 'My dear Girlie and Sheila' and discusses doing loops; how safe they are because 'You see, you're kept in your seat by centrifugal force, just in the same way as the water will stay in a bucket when you quickly swing it up and over, just like a loop.' She goes on to talk about giving joy rides, her liking for Shaw's St. Joan and attending the Speed Ball where she met Sir Malcolm Campbell. Girlie and Sheila are Mabel & Sheila Glass, who also became aviators. It was a family joke to refer to Amy as 'Mickey'. David Luff. Amy Johnson 'Enigma in the Sky.' Price includes VAT

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