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pp. 17. 8vo. Stitched. The first letter is from Dr Francesco Bruno to Mr C. Hancock with a postscript by Lord Byron dated 2nd January 1824.The second is from Lord Byron to Mr Charles Hancock, Messolonghi February 13th 1824, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth letters are also all from Byron to Hancock and written from Messolonghi. The third is dated January 17th 1824, the fourth January 19th 1824, the fifth February 5th 1824 continuing on February 7th 1824, and the sixth 10th March 1824. All the letters are published in Leslie A Marchands Letters and Journals of Lord Byron and all the original manuscripts are in Harrow School Library. Dr Bruno's letter is not reproduced in Marchand and there are some minor differences. The second letter is dated as 13th January by Marchand, which is correct, and in this manuscript has an additonal one line PS not in Marchand. The fourth letter in manuscript talks of 'blank bills', Marchand, of 'blank books'. The fifth in MS 'we shall only have a third year' while Marchand reads 'we shall have a third year.' In the same letter Marchand reads 'but Bowring or somebody else disgusted him,' while the MS has Kennedy in place of Bowring. The paper is watermarked P M Fabriano. Bruno was Byron's personal physician; John Bowring was the Honorary Secretary of the London Greek Committee; Kennedy had been a medical officer in the British forces, he was an evangelical Christian and the author of Conversations on religion with Lord Byron; Charles Hancock, with his partner Samuel Barff, was Byron's banker in Argostoli on Cephalonia. Marchand in Volume 11, p124 states ' Byron put all his business, including the cashing of bills of exchange, in the hands of Barff and Hancock. He established a very friendly personal relationship with Hancock before he left for Missolonghi and wrote some of his most frank and confidential letters to him during his last months among the Greeks.'

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