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BARING, Alexander. MR. ALEXANDER BARING’S SPEECH in the House of Commons on the 15th day of May, 1823, on Mr Buxton’s Motion for a Resolution Declarartory of Slavery in the British Colonies being contrary to the English Constitution and to Christianity. £ 60.00

London. J.S. Brickwood. 1823. pp. 17. 8vo. Disbound. John Gladstone’s copy - written across the title page ‘For John Gladstone Esq from the Committee of West Indian Merchants of London. Regatz p 476. Baring opposed emancipation. Such a step would result in the West Indies being of no further value to Great britain. The sorry state of the negroes had been very grossly exaggerated. Baring opposed Buxton’s plan of emancipating children born after a certain date as it would convert real property into a life interest. West India Committee records show that this work was printed and distributed by the Society of West India Planters and Merchants. Gladstone was a Caribbean planter and a West and East India merchant who wrote under the name of Mercator and supported slavery.

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